Adult Resources

Bible Class

Bible Classes meet twice a week at Holton Lutheran Church. On Sunday mornings, an adult Bible Class meets after the worship service. The Sunday morning class studies the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Another adult Bible class meets on Wednesday nights from 7-8 p.m. (Except during summer, Lent, and Advent seasons.)

"Inquirer's Class" provides an overview of our Lutheran, Biblical teaching for those who wonder what our church teaches and where it stands. The class normally meets for 12 sessions, and is scheduled to meet the requirements of those attending.

Ever Ready Circle

The Ever Ready Circle is a volunteer organization of women within the congregatin at Holton Lutheran Church. Among the goals of the organization are the support of projects within the congregation and within the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, and the opportunity for Christian fellowship for the women of the congregation.

The group meets monthly except in the summer. Meetings normally include a brief devotion, business meeting to plan our ongoing projects and food and fellowship. The Ever Ready Circle uses some of the money it raises to purchase bulk quantities of daily devotional material for anyone in the congregation who wants it.

The Ever Ready Circle also affiliates with and supports the Cross Stitch program of missions in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Adult Confirmation

Faith is of greater use to us when it is a well informed faith. For this reason we offer an adult Bible class designed to help new members understand our teachings, whether they are coming from a background of no Christian faith, or from a previous experience in another denomination.

New Members

In addition to the option of Adult Instruction descibed above, those coming from a background in another Lutheran denomination might wish instead to disucss their beliefs with the Pastor. Those coming from another ELS or WELS congregation may simply transfer their membership.