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Sunday School

Sunday School at Holton Lutheran can begin as early as age three. We want our children to have every opportunity to grow in the grace and knowledge of God, which for most of them began already as infants when they were baptized. With the inability to keep our Day School open, the Sunday School is more important than ever for our children. Weekly attendance at Sunday School helps give children the background which will make confirmation instruction more understandable by giving the doctrines of the Bible a real, historical backdrop in which they were first taught.

Our Sunday School students sing in the worship service during the year, and present a Christmas service every year. Sunday School meets from September 15th, 2013 after Labor Day until Memorial Day weekend at 11 AM. We have separate classes for age 3 thru 1stgrade, 2nd & 3rd grades, 4th thru 6th grades, and 7th thru 8th.

This year's lessons will cover mainly New Testament events and the life of Christ. The 7th-8th grade class will be studying the mission work of St. Paul.

Confirmation class

At Holton Lutheran Church we begin teaching our young people about the doctrine of our church through confirmation or catechism classes. The class meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM. The class is held for grades 6-8. The first year class is given an overview of the catechism. In years two and three the children take a more in-depth look at the catechism by only taking one-half of the catechism in the second year and the other half in the third year.

Children, be sure to check the website weekly if you forget what your assignment is. Parents, be sure to check the website weekly so you know what your children are to be learning each week.

First Year Assignments

Second & Third Year Assignments